Ralph Lauren's first plus size model
Ralph Lauren’s first plus size model

Yet Another Challenge while Eating with Awareness

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I have discovered yet another challenge while eating with awareness, that being, not doing anything else while eating.  This is definitely something new for me.  I am an Olympic multitasker.  I rarely do one thing at a time.  However, I have been getting better at it, and I can see, now, why it is important.  After finishing a meal while only eating, I feel satisfied.  I don’t feel as though I am thinking about what I am going to eat next or that I need seconds.  I guess just being with the experience of eating is enough to keep me satisfied.

My theory on this is, before when I would eat while working, or while watching television I was missing out on the joy of eating, therefore I was seeking out more food soon after because I missed the first experience, this was an extreme eye…

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